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1. When is it time to upgrade?
————If you find the sound does not work properly, please update.
2. Should I update the software if the sound works perfectly?
————You do NOT need to update it now, thanks:-)
3. How to update?

 ————Please check the following steps:
A: Download the newest version. We upload the file on the Mediafire. Please click the following button "Download here" go to download it.











B: Copy the BIN document into TF card/ USB stick.

C: Turn on the Projector, plug in the TF card/ USB stick, press the menu key and click the setting menu-USB updates.

D: Press OK (left button) to confirm the updates.

E: Waiting for the projector to upgrade.

F: The projector will restart automatically after succeeds.

If you need technical support for an update issue—please email me back(

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